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Sorry, that without the text and the lecture.

In this set of materials, the reading passage talks about strategic business alliances, and the listening passage provides an extended example of one case study of a strategic alliance.

According to the reading, strategic alliances, nowadays, are very important in ensuring success. While a merger or venture creates a separate business, strategic alliances remain independent organizations and at the same time cooperate in achieving mutual goals. It is also said in the reading that sharing resources between companies brings mutual benefits. In addition, one of the main advantages of strategic alliances is that they can be very fast established and also fast liquidated

According to the lecture, an example of a strategic alliance is the relationships between U.S Postal Service and Federal Express. By allowing Fed Ex to place its boxes at the offices, the Postal Service is permitted to buy space on the Fed Ex airplanes. Due to this excnange, both companies are benefited. Furthermore, sharing web site is caused a large Internet presence of both companies.

TOEFL listening lectures: What does DNA analysis reveal about the domestication of horses?

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Reading was surprisingly difficult for me. Another problem is that I could not concentrate on the listening when my neighbours began the speaking part. Independent essay was enough simple. I think I wrote it not bad, but I had some problems with integrated essay. So, I am sure I will not get 100 points. I will let you know as soon as I recieve my scores. Thank you.