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Topic: It is generally believed that some people are born with certain talents, for instance for sports or music, and others are not. However, it is sometimes claimed that any child can be taught to become a good sports person or musician.
Discuss both these view and give your own opinion.
Many people believe that talent is something that person have when they are born. While others say it can be developed in individuals by giving them a proper teaching. In my view, people are not born with talent but they have to be trained.

There are many talented people who were taught. Nowadays, we find many schools specialized on training in the field of music, sports, arts etc. Most of the classical dancers in India join an academy when they are young. Even sports clubs around the world have established their own academy to produce good players.

However, we see many musicians or sportsmen who show their talent in their early childhood. I remember Connie Talbot, a teen singer, who claimed she started singing from very young without training of any kind. Considering her age, it makes many people believe she was born with talent. David Beckham, a famous sportsman, is also considered born with his talent.

Nevertheless, I believe a person develops an interest in certain field when they are growing up. A small child feels happy when she dances watching a performance in television. A boy develops interest in playing football when his father takes him to watch the game. Doing what they are interested over and over again grows into ability. This ability of a child must be seen and given a right direction. With proper training and dedication on what he or she is being taught, a new talent is born.

In conclusion, I think people do not have talent when they are born. It is the ability which they develop triggered by their environment or situation. This ability gets lost if remain unnoticed or is devoid of encouragement. When noticed, nurtured and properly trained along with one’s dedication, this ability becomes talent.

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As we acquire more knowledge, things do not become more comprehensible, but more complex and mysterious.

Universe is very complex in its construct. There are many secrets embedded within it that are to be unraveled. Man is the only living being, blessed with intellect and discretion. He is the only creature capable of unmasking these abstruse mysteries of universe. We have already begun our quest to reveal these secrets. Many complex questions like the origin of universe, life, the structure of an atom and many more have already been answered. However, acquiring this knowledge made man even more curious and things have become even more complex and incomprehensible. According to the old saying “ignorance is bliss”, people devoid of knowledge are the most stable beings with no compulsion and pressure of knowing. The more you acquire knowledge the more you are driven to know even more. There is no end once you begin the journey of knowledge.

It is not that things become more complex as you learn more. It is that, we begin to deal with things that are more complex in nature once we have understood the basic things. For instance, when we learn basic mathematics like addition and subtraction initially this itself is difficult to comprehend. Once we have mastered, it becomes simple. Then we start learning algebra which appears more complex than addition until you master it and this cycle continues.

In the similar way, When you have figured out the structure of atom, and the components in it (electrons, protons, etc), this is not the end, you go on and split these components further. This illustrates the fact that it is the human curiosity that persuades us to dig deeper and study the most complex of the things. As once the process of acquiring knowledge begins, man’s cupidity increases proportionally and this makes things more and more complicated.

          Also, as we grow older and older our intellect keeps getting better and better. This is the reason for the hierarchy of our current learning system. We start with simpler things and increase our scope gradually with our growing intellect. This also supports the fact that knowledge gets complex as we learn more and more.
          In the light of the above discussion, I would I like to 

point out that it is not that things become complicated, It is the hierarchy of our learning that makes it complex. Therefore, I concede with the assertion that as we acquire more knowledge, the nature of knowledge becomes more complex and mysterious.

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TOPIC:When exercising, some people prefer to exercise indoors at a gym or sports center, and others prefer to exercise outdoors. Compare these two choices. Which do you prefer? Support your answer with specific details.

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Both exercising in gym or/and working out outdoors has its advantages and disadvantages. However, in my opinion exercising outdoors is a better option. Although, there is good privacy when we work out in gyms and many sophisticated equipment which may provide us with necessary means for efficient work out, I would still prefer exercising outdoors. There are several benefits of working out outside.

Firstly, there is abundance of fresh air . The basic purpose of any work out is to remain fit and healthy. By working out outside, with the fresh air our health is improved not only physically but also mentally. Exercising with nature relaxes me and reduces a lot of stress. While when I work out in gyms I feel closed up and constrained. Also, exercising outside is enjoyable. We can have fun, play sports and enjoy with our family and friends as we work out. I personally feel working out in gym is very draining and rigorous.

Secondly, not everybody will be in a position to pay for gyms. Gyms are pretty expensive and there are myriads of restrictions in terms of formalities associated with gyms. for example, gym might not be open if I wanted to work out very early say at 3 am. While I can fit my work out schedule as per my convenience if i am exercising by myself outside.

However, there are certain disadvantages of working outdoors too like, there will not be a discipline to work out. For example, if I were a member of a gym then I would regularly attend it, because i paid for it. If I am working out on my own I may get indolent and skip exercise once in a while. Therefore, discipline-wise gyms are better.

In conclusion, although there is no discipline factor when exercising outdoors, it depends entirely on the person’s seriousness towards working out. Therefore, for me exercising outdoors is far better than gyms.