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Topic: Face to face communication vs. emails or phone calls.Rate my essay out of 5

As technology change the world of today’s people life,medium of communication also change people’s life.People are using emails and phone call for communication.In my opinion face to face communication is more effective then emails and phone call.Face to face communication is more convenient way is various way like most effective in business world,build confidence and help to maintain relationship.

To begin with,face to face communication is necessary in business world.Although email and phone call necessary for business people for project,face to face communication is far better option to dealing with business people.For instance,manager of xyz company have deal with foreign company then instead of using email or phone its better to face to face communication because 1000 billion project cant be done in communicating on phone.Suppose of anything trouble in project then he/she has to solve immediately.It is more accurate way to deal with project.

Addition to that,in face to face communication people become more confident then writing down in email.In real world communication people can judge the thing by their body gesture, face expression.Another advantage is in face to face communication listen will not be misinterpret the thing which want to say.For example in relationship when couples talk on phone many times they cant express their feelings or sometime misunderstanding can cause them break the relationship.

Furthermore, face to face communication maintain relationship and amiable nature help to serve the relation rather then email can serve only for business world where only official things has to be done.But sometime when someone in critical situation email can not solve the thing instead face to face communication can help them in difficult situation.

To sum with,face to face communication not only increase our confidence but also better medium for effective communication.Though emails and phone call are modern way of communication,face to face communication is more efficient.

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Hi, pretty good writing, but a lot of grammatical errors. Make sure to put a space after every comma and period. Your structure was pretty good, I would rate this essay a 3 out of 5.