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In your opinion, what are the causes of divorce? What do you think are the greatest problems caused by divorce?

There is no doubt that the divorce rates are continually increasing all over the world. In my opinion, changing of family value and women’s emancipation are some reasons for such tendency which affects a children psychological development.

First, every couple has their personal reasons for decision to separate from each other. However, the most common cause is a change in an attitude to a family life. For example, nowadays people are less patient to each other because they marry in an adult age when it is difficult to change their habits and adjust to a new function as a family member.

Second, the role of woman in family life has changed since past. For instance, today women also have high education and want to make a successful carrier. Moreover, wives have ceased to be dependant on husband as it was in past when women stayed at home and took care of children. Therefore, women do not afraid to separate from husband if they do not get along with each other.

As a result of growing up in a single parent home may cause to children some psychological problems. Many researches show that children present maladaptive behavior, difficulties with peers, depression and low self-esteem following their parents’ divorces. Therefore, parents’ separation has tremendous influence on the children development.
To sum up, taking into consideration all the above mentioned reasons and examples I suppose that life changes such as attitude of people to family function and the role of woman in a society are common causes for increasing numbers of divorces which mainly impact on the children emotional development.

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