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There is no doubt that riding a bicycle is an appropriate replacement to an automobile in special cases. However, some people are convinced that bicycles could lead to the road accidents. Personally, I believe that bicycles should be used for movement for short distance in cases such as a work and recreation needs.

First, use of bicycles on a road is justified when people going to the nearest places and they can afford to themselves riding the bicycles. For example, riding a bicycle when going to a store or friend’s house could be good opportunity to save money. Even without bicycles people reach these places, however, the bicycle makes it more convenient.

Second, many people work rather close to home. Thus, if working condition allow to come to work riding bicycles people should attempt to use ones in order to keep our environment clean.

Nevertheless that bicycling is appropriate replacement to driving a car sometimes it could lead to a road accident .For instance, if a person does not have necessary experience riding bicycles it would be better to him to ride on a side walk and not on the road with traffic load. Additionally, some precautions should be taken to ensure perfect seeing of a riding person.

To sum up, riding bicycles can be great replacement to car trips for opportunity to save money, keep our environment unpolluted and moreover to maintain personal health. However, measures as careful riding and putting should be taken in order to prevent road accidents.

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