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If you won the lottery, what are the most important things you would do with your money? Defend your choices with examples.

It is not doubt that people strive to be happy in their life. Money gives this opportunity, therefore many people dream about winning in a lottery. This essay will explore the ways I would spend money in case of luck to be winner.
The appeal of the lottery win is the fantasy that all of your dreams can come true instantly. Most of people do not really want the money but they want what the money represents to us: freedom, no worries, the ability to buy what we want and help to other people and our family. If I won the lottery, I would first make a plan how to use them with the best outcome for me.
First, most people who win the lottery lose all of it in some time .Therefore , I would take more than half of amount and invest it in business in order to have guarantee of having money in the future.
Second, I would spend money to improve the health of my parents. My mother has chronic disease such as asthma. The treatment demands high expenses. Thus, the win in the lottery would provide the opportunity to consult with the best professionals. Moreover, new therapeutic techniques and drugs would become available due to win.
Third, the rest of the money I would spend on my personal trivial needs like new cars, house and some electronics would certainly be on my list. However, I will remember that the key is to set a budget for these purchases. Additionally, I like traveling, so I would arrange family cruise around the world.
To sum up, to win the lottery is a fantastic dream and if I success in this I will be happy. Moreover I would use this chance to be financial secured in my life. Additionally, I would afford to myself all things that usual necessary to comfortable living.

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Hi Krexma, another good essay. You still have a few preposition and article mistakes, but much fewer than the last essay I saw. I really like your introduction - your overall structure is excellent.

Thank you very much for your help and prompt reply