Please check my Essay - Why go to University? (6 Days to go)

Why go to University?
People go to university for various reasons. Some consider it as a challenge and some take it as an opportunity to develop their career and skill to live a better life. In my opinion people can gain knowledge, meet new people and develop a career by going to university.

Knowledge is such a powerful tool; that you can never say you have enough. University gives opportunity for him or her to enhance their knowledge about various subjects. This knowledge can be used by that person to add more value to economy and society. When brother went to college, he learnt about electronics and communication in depth. He has basic knowledge of these subjects in his high school, but today he completed his engineering degree and pursuing a masters in the same field. He has already made good contributions to new inventions, which have changes life of lot of people and added value to society. At University he also learned to how to be socially responsible.

In addition, people join University to develop their career. Which is really important in this global economy, not only for the person joining the university, but also for the own country. University helps them to gain better understanding of the subjects and be specialized in certain areas. Research has shown that a university graduate earns at least $1 Million more in their entire career, than with someone who does not have a university degree. As an example with my brother, he completed his engineering degree and was immediately offered a job, which helped him to pursue further studies.
Meeting new people in life is really important and university gives you that opportunity to meet not only people from different parts of the country, but also from different countries. Especially in this era of global economy, where people talk about a global village, University gives you that firsthand experience of meeting people from different cultures and backgrounds. Gives insight in to future you will be dealing with, and an opportunity to learn from their experience. When I was studying at the university, I was blessed to meet people from so many different countries and gave me an opportunity to visit some of those countries.

In summary I can say, Universities have always been a knowledge center and it has given and continue to give opportunity for people to not only enhance their knowledge, but also develop a career and meet new people to enhance their understanding of this global economy.

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