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Drug abuse has become a major social problem in many parts of the world. Discuss the consequences of drug abuse and ways to deal with the problem.

 There are many serious issues in the world that need to be treated for all. Perhaps one of these issues is drug abuse. However, its effects should be reconsidered.

 Firstly, it affects a person's mental and physical condition in general. Specifically, it causes serious disease like cancers. A drug can make a person feel great at first but after several times of taking it, he will become depressed and hapless that he fined everything is useless. Moreover, if he didn't take the drug for one day or less for any reason, he will become confused and show fanatic attitude.

 Secondly, it affects the society as a whole.  Gradually, it can lead to the destruction of the country and people who live in. for example, some students take kinds of drugs that relieve their stress and avoid sleepiness at the exams days. They're taking it with good intention. But unfortunately, they become addicted to it by time destroying both their health and their career and life. As a result, it increases the unemployment level. It also increase car accidents rate greatly. Since Addicts are fanatic and confused, they will not be able to focus well while driving leading by that to the detriment of them. As a consequence, car accidents rate will increase highly. 

 To conclude, drug abuse has many consequences on both people and society. It causes several disease and increase unemployment level. I think that the government should punish addicts severely and hardly so that they become afraid of abusing drugs.

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