Please check my essay, thanks so much. ^^ spending or saving money ???

Is it better to enjoy your money when you earn it or is it better to save your money for some time in the future?
Money is vital asset which affects every aspect of our life. We can’t live without money. Every day, people work hard in order to make more money. The way people use their money becomes a debated topic. I think it is better to enjoy our money when we earn it than to save it for some time in the future.
First, spending money when we earn it raises our living standard. When we receive our wages, we can buy some favorite things and use some services without waiting enough money. Buying a house, for example, needs a huge amount of money that we can’t afford immediately. Some people choose mortgage to buy one and live in a beautiful house for the whole of their life. However, others choose saving enough money and buy their houses later. In some cases, they have to wait until they are really old.
Another reason we should enjoy our money at once is that it creates more chances to success in work and life. We can consider our money a risk investment. We use it to pay tuition fee or to learn extra courses to get a better job. If we only keep our money for some time in the future, we might miss the blue moon for our career. You, for instant, delay to learn leadership skill course because of the expensive cost. Unfortunately, the promised job that you are applying requires that skill. Clearly, you miss the chance to prove your ability through a certificate.
Last but not least, spending money when we earn will help us to make more money. We use it to entertain, relax and release stress. We can spend a lot of money to shopping, eating in luxury restaurant and play games in the park. It seems to loss huge money. However, it makes us comfortable and stress free. We will be ready to work more effectively even more pressures. That’s the reason we can be more respected and get a raise.
In conclusion, I have to admit that enjoying money when we earn it is completely perfect. We should have a personal fun for emergencies and future plan and the way to use money profitably depends on us. However, spending money when we take it is better.

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Hi Bigbabu, I thought you did a good job with this one. You have a clear structure and your examples were very vivid and informative. Make sure you tie each one back to your thesis though. Your writing sounded pretty clear, but you did have a variety of small errors, including a few subpar word choices. Still, I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

Oh, thanks Luschen so much. I did read your comment and found it so useful and imformative ^^