Please check my essay, thanks so much. ^^ Benefits of cooking at home.

Benefits of cooking at home.
In modern life, people are usually too busy that they don’t have time to cook and eat at home. Instead of that, they like eating snacks or have a meal at a restaurant. However, I think cooking at home is are beneficial to us because it help us get our confidence, release stress and impress us to other people.
Firstly, confidence is a quality that we can get if we usually prepare and cook meal at home. Cooking a meal is not easy because we have to know very clear the progress and steps to make the dishes. We must go to the stores, choose the freshest foods and cook them in the right way. Then, how to mix the materials, spices and decorations is really a challenge. Even our dishes are not delicious; cooking still makes us feel very proud of ourselves. We love ourselves much more and become very confident.
Second, cooking is a great way to escape from stress and pressures. When we prepare foods or cook them, we just focus on what we are doing and forget about the long working hours. Some people prefer to listen to soft music when they cook meals because it makes them relax and lowers the stress level significantly. Moreover, we could have the image of our family when they eat meals we make. Cooking for my family is not tired but funny and happy.
Last but not least, cooking also creates many chances for us to impress ourselves to the others. That is sometimes very useful for us in work and life. For example, when my brother brought his girlfriend to introduce at the first time, my family really love her. She is not only a lovely girl but a very good cook. We are deeply impressed by her cooking ability and we warmly welcome her to our family. That’s the reason we should practice cooking at home.
To conclusion, cooking is the art of preparing foods and processing them in the right way. If we could study this art, we will perfect ourselves step by step and feel happier in life day by day.

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Hi, I really enjoyed your essay. You have some very unique and creative ideas, which are presented clearly and effectively. I think you may have a few too many errors in word choice and verb tense to get a top score though. I would rate this a 4 out of 5.

thanks so much, Mr Luschen, ^^