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What do you think, could be your country’s major problem? Explain in detail about what can be done to solve them.

My country is Israel. It is a small country located in Middle East. Despite its size Israel is a home of various geographic features, from the Negev desert in the south to the mountain ranges in the north. Similar to other developed countries, Israel too had to face many problems. As far as I know, the shortage of unsalted water seems to be one of the major problems that’s existing in Israel. Government spends monies every year in an effort to find out a solution for this. In this essay, I will explain the causes for this problem and few suggestions or ways to solve this problem.

First, the only source of fresh water in Israel is Lake Kineret. This Lake is the main source for pure water and for the agricultural needs. The level of water in the Lake reduces every year due to lack of rains during the year. Government of Israel conducts campaigns to create awareness of saving water. Advertisements in television and media often promote the idea of saving water. For example, people are encouraged to reduce the time of shower and also penalty or extra price is levied upon those who use water over the limit.

Second, Israel is an agricultural land. Vegetation and growing fruits consume plenty of water. However, in addition to the hot weather condition, water resources to do cultivation and vegetation becomes expensive. The water saving technologies have found the drip irrigation system which could be one of the solutions to reduce the scarcity of pure waters.

To sum up, the water scarcity would become a major problem for today and in the nearest future which has to be solved by finding new sources of fresh water additionally to prudent consumption.

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