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Should government spend more money on improving roads and highways, or should government spend more money on improving public transportation (buses, trains, subways)? Why?
In my opinion government should spend more money on improving public transportation, rather than spend more money on improving roads and highways. And there are several explanations in conformation of that.

First reason is congestion on the roads. It seems that every day there are more cars on the roads than there was yesterday. And it is unbelievable how many hours we are spending traveling to work or to school and back home sitting in traffic. And if you would take a look at how many people sitting in each car, usually it is only one person, whereas public transportation can carry many people at the same time.

Another reason is pollution. While there are many new car models that can use electricity or both gas and electricity that would decrease pollution, the main choice of a regular consumer a car that can use only gas.

Government trying to improve situation by building free parking lots, where people, that should drive some distance to public transport, can park their cars and travel further on the bus or subway. Although, on some highways there are special lanes for buses or cars with two or more passengers or discount toll programs for these who are using a car-pool.

I think, many people will be glad to use public transportation, but it is not that simple and not always convenient. For example, my husband can’t take a train or bus to go to work, because it will take him about two and a half hour just to go in one end while by care it will be only forty minutes.

By making connections between different parts of big cities better, government will give people opportunity to use public transportation more. As a result, congestion on the road will lessen and quality of the roads will improve, as fewer cars will be on the roads.

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Hi, your writing is ok, but you were not always focused on the topic and your viewpoint. Every sentence should emphasize the benefits of government spending on public transportation, if that is your choice. I added some sentences and rearranged some of your sentences to emphasize this point. Do my changes make sense to you? Also, make sure to use transitions to start your paragraphs and the first sentence of each paragraph should be a topic sentence that gives a specific reason that supports your argument. Then talk about that reason and that reason alone in your paragraph. Then move on to the next paragraph for your next reason.

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