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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
It is better to have one or two close friends than to have a large number of casual acquaintances.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

In the model life, people tends to make friend easily to widen their social life, so they can consider casual acquaintances as friend but sometimes, that friendship last not very long. I’m not a person who can make friend for quick, therefore, I highly agree that better to have one or two close friends than to have a large number of casual accquaintances.

First of all. I believe that people always concern the quality rather than quantity, therefore, the number of friends is not an exceptional. When I have some troubles, close friend is the one I think about to share not to spread it to a group of friends or share with the casual acquaintances. Close friends are the one who understand me and can give the truth advices or help me out when I in need. Thus, I think, a close friend is worth than a large number of casual acquaintances.

Second, I prefer to have just few friends with steadfast friendship than keep making new friends but doesn’t keep in touch or just for entertain some social momments. The close friends will respect the friendship and make a great effort when the friendship in be harmed hazards. For instance: If you do some mistakes with the casual acquaintances (by accident), they might don’t want to talk to you again and turn to the other friends who are more suitable to their taste, however, a close friend is totally different because they need your friendship and they don’t change a friendship easily like others acquaintances.

Third and final, I believe a key in any close friendship is trust what you can not look for in the casual acquaintances. That’s what make a big distinction from close friend and casual acquaintances.

In conclusion, these reasons help to prove that one or two close friends are better than having a large number of casual acquaintances.