please check my essay: technological progress has made us lazy

topic. Do you agree disagree with the following statement? Technological progress has made us lazy.

Technological progress is a continuous process, which plays a very important role in our daily lives. However, some people believe that this progress has made us lazy, saying we rely on machines too much. For me, the progress, while not making us lazy, makes human beings more active both physically and mentally.

First of all, machines or high technology don’t help people do less work but help them complete tasks more quickly. With washing machines, vacuum cleaners, other housework machines, people can quickly complete trivial tasks and move on doing other important tasks such as going out with their friends, family, doing exercise, doing their jobs. For instance, parents have more time with their kids after finishing household chores, or have more time for themselves after a hardworking day.

Second, machines as well as other technological achievements like the Internet have helped human do and complete tasks more effectively, and enjoyably. For example, doing exercise becomes much easier and enjoyable, while it becomes more effective. Instead of running on the roads in order to keep our shapes, running machines and other body building machines which are both convenient and safe can help us consume larger amount of calories, and fat.

Finally, we not only physically work harder but also mentally develop along with the technological progress. Communicating means such as the Internet, television and radio daily provide us with large amount of information. Our brains work harder to process the information unless we want to be outdated. We mentally improve the ability to analyze, research, and innovate to understand and get useful information among various sources.

In conclusion, unlike making us lazy, the technological progress helps us effectively work harder, and develop ourselves both physically and mentally.


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Hi, I think this is an excellent essay. There were only a few suggestions I was able to make to improve it.