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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Technology makes people today less social than people were in the past. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.
Technology brings dramatic changes to the human’s life. The cell phone, internet, televisions and other technology are the significant inventions of science. As it makes our life easy and comfortable but it also have some drawbacks into our life. One of the main impact is that it decrease social interaction. I fully agree with the fact that the modern technologies lessen the social interaction among people. I will enumerate some of its important factors. My arguments for this idea are listed below.
The main reason for my propensity is that the technologies affiliate the interaction among people. At primitive, when the cell phone wasn’t invented, people usually move to each other homes in order to know about them, it enhanced the socialization. At present no one bothers to travel, even not visit the people who live in their neighbor, the cell phones diminish this trend of meeting people. Now people discussed every single problem through cell phones. This is an obvious factor that if people will less meet the interaction will also decrease between them.
The other reason is the internet. The internet makes the world a globule village. No one can purchase everything through it. The big and important deals are done in internet. It finished the trend to stand in queue and wait for your turn. Now one can order the desirable product only by clicking a button. Likewise, the booking of a seat in train, airplane, buses are done through the internet. The influence of internet on reducing the social interaction between people is undeniable.
Furthermore, the games and televisions also have negative impact in reducing the socialization among people. For instance, video games are played in every home. Parents are despite of permitting their kids to play out side the home with other kids, prefer to stay home and spend their time in playing video games. Similarly, television is the compulsory need of a home, life can’t be imagined without having it. Everybody enjoying themselves in watching different programs rather than takes a topic and discuss about it, as at past people were delighted or feel happy by visiting to one other home.
In conclusion, technology reduces the family gatherings, social interaction, and communication among the people. In order to over come on it, people should interact with each other and the usage of these technologies should be limited.

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