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Topic: Do you agree or disagree with following sentences? Universities should give same amount of money to students’ sport activities as they give to their university libraries.Use specific reasons and example to support your opinion.

Many schools are well known because of their students who are all rounder while many schools try hard to be famous because of their education system. The former schools equally divide money either for sports activities or expanding the library. I agree with their opinion that money should be invest for sports activities as that are given to library because sports activities are as important as study for many students, they may need advanced instruments , may also need good coach to guide them.

The first reason is that many students are interested in sports as study. They are enthusiastic to play sports not only for campus level but also city or state level. Many students make dreams of becoming national and international players from their school life. If school also provoke them by giving proper facilities like a well developed playing field and availabilities of all facilitated instruments then they would grow up well with achieving their sports goals. For that the school is required money to build such playing field and to fulfil the requirements of instruments.

Moreover, the school should have coach to guide in each sport activity who may be needed by the students to take part in the all activities and also help them to win the match with other groups. For example, last year for national tournament we needed a guide to help us, but our school didn’t provide a guide as they could not afford money to pay the guide. So we all enthusiastic players lost match as could not play systematically according to rules and regulations. At that time we realized that it would be possible for us to win match if we were provided a guide who could make us aware about rules of national tournaments.

To sum up, the sport activities is a big deal to some of the student; they may take part and play by heart to win the matches. So school should give money to help such student to practice the sports activities.

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