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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
Playing games teaches us about life. Use specific reasons and
examples to support your answer

 Today, many people, particularly youngs, play various games in order to enjoy and relax. The number of these games have a profound impact on people's lives who play game. There are ediverse reasons, including that playing games helps people develop their skills, teachs people challenge with some difficulties, and provides valuable information about a subject. That is why I agree with the statement that playing games helps people regarding life.
First, playing games helps people develop their skills about many things. Namely, many people learn various things  by playing game. They initially apply their skills on games before applying on real things which lead some adverse results. After being master on games, they start to apply their skills on things. For example, before  driving car, I always played various games in related to car games on computer to experience my skills. When I realized I was good at driving car on games, I began to drive on roads in real life.

Furthermore, by playing games, people can challenge with many difficultes in their lives. Games teach people how to passifize the huge problems in their lives. Particularly, today’s games are good examples to struggle with problems. Many of these games were designed with many strategies to challenge agains problems. In other words, they can use all these strategies in their real lives when facing with these serious problems. To illustrate, I always benefit from various information from games to rescue my friends, or myself when getting trouble. In fact, these strategies sometimes works well.
Finally, playing games help us get a lot of information about different things, including cities, wars, and so on. Games producers put some information in games. When people start to play games, this information is showed on the beginning of games that illuminate people about features of games, characters of games, places, challenges, and so on. For instance, I used to play Call of Duty, my favorite game, on my computer when I was child. Before starting the game, and within the game, I faced with many crucial information about World War I, which is the main theme of the game. Therefore, we can get a lot of information by playing games.
All in all, playing games provides information concerning life, and teaches us face with and struggle to some problems, in addition to entertaining us. So they have a deep impression on our whole lives.

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thank you luschen for your benefical comments on my essay. I used adverse as “negative” . what about the structure and reaosons? have my reasons adressed to the topic?

Hi, you said “They initially apply their skills on[to] games before applying on[them to] real things which lead some adverse{adverse?} results.” It seems like practicing with games before doing them for real would lead to good results, not negative ones. I think your structure was very good and addressed the topic correctly. Just some grammatical errors and some awkward sounding phrases. I think I would give this a 3.5 out of 5.

Thank you again. As I said you, I am really new one who starts to write essay, so I can make some mistakes during writing essay. In the turn of march, I am taking TOEFL; namely, I have just 30 days to improve more. I believe that I will be better at writing essay, nevertheless I am afraid of adressing the reasons to topic. therefore, I am really worried about that…