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****Compare And Contrast Your Way Of Life With That Of Your Parents. Which Way Of Life Do You Think Would Be More Satisfying To Future Generations??

Nowadays, generations are changing quite quickly. Following the new or old generation is difficult because generations thought is changing quickly with technology. For instance, when I was a child, playstation was a big technology after atari. But today, playstation remain a simple tecnology beside improved game machines. Understanding old and new generation get difficult with changing social situation and developing technology. In my opinion, my way of life is very different from my parents and I predict that If I have a child, I am sure that he or she will has a different way of life from me.

First of all, my parents have different life life style from me. For instance my father started to work, when he was teenager and he did’t finish university. But he was always working and he became the best in his job. So he always work and he does not spend more time for himself. In contrast, I am studying university and I know that life is not only working. I agree that working is the important part of our life but people should spend more times for themselves. After my fathers retirement, I aware that he has not hobbies and he is usually bored. But I do not want to be as my father in the future. For these reasons I notice that my social environment.

Moreover, way of life is changing for example; offer-demand, social status and technology is developing day by day. Therefore future generations is not satisfying with today’s condition. The new generation is greedy to tecnology instead of knowledge. For this reason, in my opinion, the future generation will be dissatisfaction. For instance when we look the old generation todays conditions are adequate for them in fact they do not keep up with todays condition but the new generation is unsatisfying because they always want to more and more.

Last but not least, although I can understand my parents way of life, I do not predict how the future generation would be more satisfying. But I am sure that the new generation won’t be satisfy like older generations.

To sum up, my way of life is quite different from my parents also I believe that If I have a child, his or her way of life considerable different from my way of life. I think, future generation do not be satisfy any ways .

How many point can I take with this essay in the toefl ibt exam?

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