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Movies and TV programs made in one’s own country is always more interesting than those made in other countries.

People often find it difficult to choose whether to watch foreign movies or national movies as they enter cinemas. While some prefer foreign shows so as to experience exotic culture, others are more conservative as they choose only domestic movies. In my perspective, it’s more interesting to watch exotic movies and TV programs because people are curious about exotic culture; people are interested in foreign lifestyle and people are interested in foreign jokes.

To begin with, people are always more intrigued about foreign culture than domestic one. Although many argue that people have known their own culture very well and may be unfamiliar with exotic one, it is this unfamiliarity that creates curiosity. How many times have we heard Arabic become obsessed with western cowboy films and western culture? How many times have we heard Americans favor watching Don Quixote and the knight spirit? How many times have we heard Europeans are curious about Chinese Kungfu films and Chinese culture? Curiosity is about the eager to know about the unfamiliar things, and many would be interested in foreign films and foreign culture.

So much for culture curiosity, people are also curious about foreign lifestyle. For decades people have been adopting their own lifestyle based on their status and social background, many would think that this lifestyle is boring and hence want to experience a new one. Therefore, they turn to foreign movies and TV shows. For example, my mom is a delicate worker at a local spinning factory who spends most her time working and the rest taking care of me. When she has free time on weekend, she always turns on the TV and start
watching korean TV shows, claiming that she wants to expand her visions and understand about the korean lifestyle. She once says to me that she want to own a pet, taste the Korean kimchi and cold noodles, spend time on Jeju island in summer holiday just like ordinary Koreans do.

Furthermore, foreign comedy appeals to people as well. Although I agree that many don’t understand foreign comedy and joke, it is always interesting to watch a foreign comedy, because people feel boring watching the comedy as they understand their own culture so well that they would know the result from the beginning of the show. For instance, Jim Carrey is popular character in our country, and people always burst into laughter when he makes faces, sings and jokes etc. People may not understand western culture, but they are curious about western joke.

In conclusion, it’s always more interesting to watch exotic movies and TV shows because people are curious about foreign culture, lifestyle and joke.

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