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Which is more important for a university: having more facilities or hiring more teachers?

Universities constantly face choice about how they should spend their money: to purchase more equipment or hire more faculties. Some think that facilities are more important as they help students to learn better while others argue that teachers are more essential because the bigger the number of teachers are, the more students can be taught. In my perspective, it’s more important to employ more teachers because more teachers boil down to more students; more revenue and better reputation.

To begin with, the number of teachers are consistent with the number of students. Although some may say better facilities enable students learn more efficient and do more exercise, many would agree it is the number of teachers that decides the scale of enrollment. In my own experience, my university trippled its campus’ size within three years before I registered, the installations were improved, the new library was built, and even a soccer field was placed on campus. However, the enrollment scale remained stable in those three years as few teachers were hired. Then in the following three years, I witnessed the huge change-number of classes doubled and three students’ apartment had to built because the school enrolled thirty teachers. The teacher number is decisive for a univerity’s enrollment size, despite the fact teacher can teach better and easier with the help of more facilities.

The same logic applies to more revenue, as students pay tuition fees and alumni donate. Therefore, it’s a smart trade to employ more teachers in exchange for more students and more revenue. How many times have we heard universities millions of dollars from the enrollment? How many times have we alumni donate huge amount of money to the university? Every headmaster will say the university has benefitted much more from students than the investment on teachers. On the contrary, a university keen on bringing in more facilities and improving equipment does not have such benefit-the student number will remain stable and there won’t be significant increase on revenue. Consequetly, it’s more economically beneficial to hire more faculties and improving facilities.

Furthermore, hiring more teachers help the university to increase popularity. It’s obvious that more students increase the rate of success from a mathematical point of view. In fact, in a large university with big number of students, people can easily find friends in common, which contributes to cooperation-they may join together as entrepreneurs, co-researchers, company founders etc, and work as a team. This increase the chance of success. My friend Chen is a successful entrepreneur who graduated from Zhejiang university(the university with the greatest number of students in China), he founded a stock company which earns millions of dollars alongside his university friends. Unarguably, this higher chance of success will add bonus to the university’s reputation because people would look favorably at university who’s students are more successful.

In conclusion, although facilities can help students studying, it’s fundamental for a university to hire more teachers in order to enroll more students; gain more profit and increase popularity.

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