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Some movies are serious, designed to make the audience think. Other movies are designed primarily to amuse and entertain. Which type of movie do you prefer? Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

There are several types of movies. Some people like serious movies, which make audience think, others entertaining movies which make people to laugh. I prefer to watch amusing movies. There are some reasons.

First of all, entertaining movies make us to feel better. After an exhaustive working day a person needs to relax by watching those movies we laugh and we take energy from them.

Second, amusing movies reduce stress. When something bad happens in our life, we do not feel well. Entertaining movie is the best way to forgot our problems. It had happened to me several time. When I studied at college I did not pass my exam and I felt break down. Then I came home and watched the amusing movie. It really helped me and raised my mood. Even after that movie I did not give up and I began to study lessons with a fresh brain.

Furthermore, You know that? Laughing makes our life longer and amusing moves make us laugh. Even there are a lot of movies that make you burst out laughing. Doctors say that laughing is vitamin C. So laughing is also treats people.

In conclusion, life is short. We should do these things which make us happy, help us to forget our problems. Serious movies are also good. However, you can not watch them with exhaustive brain.

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Hi, your essay is not too bad. You have addressed the topic correctly and you have pretty good organization. You do have some grammatical errors and some poor word choices and incorrect usage. Your main problem is that your essay is just too simple and you paragraphs need a little more development. I think it is also a bit short overall. I would rate this a 3 out of 5.