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Agree or disagree? We should never be impolite to another person?

The traditional courtesy of being polite is increasingly given up by many nowadays. Some don’t have the habit to say polite words, others prefer to be bold. In my perspective, we should always be polite to other people, because politeness helps build up relations with others; helps promote public image and social status.

First, people who try to build up relations must be polite. A well-connected man must be a polite man, showing his or her courtesy and respect to others, gaining trust and recognition from the others. Thus will he or she build up relations. My uncle is a well-connected salesman who has to deal with many customers every day. He keeps his courtesy when talking to them, even though customers sometimes complain about the price. His attitude wins him lots of benefit and many of his customers turn his friends.

Also, being polite is closely associated with promoting public image. A polite man is always deemed a well-mannered and educated gentleman with mostly positive public image, while an impolite man is often considered bold and ill-mannered with negative public image. French King Louis the 14th fully exemplified the importance of politeness. Unlike many other arrogant kings, Louis was a well-mannered ruler who treated his people with polite and courtesy. There was report that a woman let fly at Louis the 14th when her son died on the construction site of the Palace of Versailles, yet Louis treated her with polite rather than punishment. Louis’ manners won him respect and recognition by most French and he was deemed one of the best kings in France. People’s public image is not depended on his appearance or wealth, but their manners.

Finally, being polite can contribute to one’s social status. An arrogant and impolite millionaire may have low social status while a humble and polite teacher can be respected by people and become famous. How many times have we heard impolite actors miss the chance of being celebrity? How many times have we heard humble and well-mannered singers become pop-stars despite of their poor accent. How many times have we heard polite scientists become influential in their field? Social status is largely depending on people’s personality, among which politeness plays a big role.

In conclusion, although I concede that people should be straightforward and sometimes they can be impolite to others. There are too many advantages of being polite which I stated above. Therefore, we should always be polite to others.

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Hi, I think this is an excellent essay. Your structure is outstanding and you have very good arguments and examples. Unfortunately, you also have quite a few grammar and word choice errors. They are significant, but don’t really affect the clarity of your essay. So overall, i would rate this a 4 out of 5.