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Q:It has been said, “Not everything that is learned is contained in books.” Compare and contrast knowledge gained from experience with knowledge gained from books. In your opinon, which source is more important?

Due to the development of television, newspaper, Internet and other media, the traditional book-based learning has been abandoned by many nowadays. While many bibliophiles insist that books are better source of knowledge, in my perspective, I prefer Internet-based learning because Internet is more convenient, transparent informative and interactive than books.

To begin with, people can find knowledge more easily from the Internet. In the past, people would have to go to the libraries and search from one bookshelf to another to find relevant knowledge they need, which could be waste of time. Conversely, present-day people don’t have to waste time in libraries. They may search from google and obtain knowledge on specific field without making much effort. For instance, my biology teacher told me that she had to spend up to three months in a library to search background knowledge and citations for her paper. However, I can have mine simply with a click on my laptop.

In addition to convenience, Internet can promote transparency. Government and other authorities won’t publish something that contradicts their will and therefore, people may not find total information from books. However, Internet is more transparent and people can find lots of files and documents from the Internet which they can’t find from books. The foundation of wikileaks fully presents the transparency of the Internet. In order to disclose more information and promote openness, Julian Assange founded wikileaks and put lots of classified information into public. Despite the fact that wikileaks had inadvertently compromise many informants, it provided many hidden truths and knowledge that people can’t find from other source.

More importantly, Internet contains much more knowledge than books. Internet is connected on a global scale and therefore People can learn a variety of knowledge such literature, science, arts and culture while books usually contains knowledge from specific field. What’s more, Internet-based learning can provide platforms on which people can communicate with others, ask and answer questions etc. On the contrary, people can never interact through books, they can’t ask questions, can’t give comments, can’t communicate with each other.

In conclusion, although many bibliophiles prefer to learn from books, Internet-based learning has its advantages on convenience, transparency, information containment and interaction that outweigh book-based learning. Therefore, I prefer to learn from Internet.

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Hi, I think this is an excellent essay. Very good structure and very persuasive. Only a few random grammatical errors kept this from getting a perfect score. I was unaware that Internet can be capitalized (there is a whole Wikipedia article on whether it can}, but you are correct. I am pretty sure it is “the Internet” though - that is what I always hear and write although I could find no definitive answer. Either way, I would give your essay a 4.5 out of 5.