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You like to watch television every day. At the beginning of the school holidays your television
suddenly broke down. It took two weeks to repair.
Write a letter to a friend, explaining:

• how you first reacted to the breakdown of the television;
• how you spent your time instead of watching television;
• what you learnt from the experience

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Dear Amy,
How are you? I hope you are doing well. Sorry, I have taken so long to write. Anyways, I thought I would drop you a line to let you know all about my school holiday.
Guess what? The television broke down just two days after my vacation started. I felt bummed out as my sister annihilated the it’s screen by throwing her football; unfortunately the machinist declared that it would take at least two weeks for it’s maintenance.
Consequently, I joined a chess sessions in the club, which is situated a street away from my houses. I acquired various skills from playing chess as it requires quick-wittedness and intelligence. Moreover, I enjoyed reading Charles Dickens novels. His epic stories, vivid characters and contemporary life are unforgettable.
After a long string of bad luck, I finally got a lucky break .this vacation was drastically a far cry from previous holidays. I admit that other activities rather than television made my day. I gain new dexterity and aptitudes from my new experience.
Well, that is all my news for now. Please write back and let me know what you have been up to since I heard from you last.
Lots of love,

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Hi, I thought your letter was pretty good. I disagree with the wording of the prompt - I guess it misled you a bit. But your essay had some other word usage errors as well. Still, I think you answered the questions quite well and your writing was clear and understandable. I would give this a 7 for content and a 5 for language.