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(Some students take a year off after finishing school and before starting university. this is called a ‘gab year’) … ndorsement%20(0510)/0510_s12_ms_21.pdf)the criteria of marking on the last two pages.

Nowadays, in some countries, more and more students are encouraged to spend a year off, often called the gab year, but what can the students acquire from the gap year and what would be the negative effects?
To begin with, gap years hand you over the opportunity to travel around the world which definitely broadens your horizons. For instance, meeting people from different countries, learning different languages, and knowing more about the world’s other culture would be in fact alluring.
Furthermore, it contributes a year of work experience in different fields to gain-collect- money to aid and help the students in universities’ fees.
On the other hand, there are many various problems considered when taking a gap year, one main dilemma would be leaving your studies for a year may have an influence on your educational levels, many students forget what they have learned through years.
Another drawback, the gap year is a waste of money and time, for example, you may pat rents, phone bills and exchange fees….etc.
To sum up, I hold this point view that a gab year bestow you a break and a different is fresh, challenging and thrilling.

thanks in advance.

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Hi Relina, your essay is not too bad, but your arguments and ideas are just not well developed. I think the main problem is that your essay is just too short - at less than 200 words you can’t really support your ideas adequately. Adding more specific examples would make your ideas (which are very good) stronger. What you have written though is not too bad in quality. You do have a few usage errors and your vocabulary is a bit basic, although you do have some good words like dilemma and alluring. Based on your criteria, I would rate this content as a 4 and the language as a 6. Here is a sample essay on the same topic that shows what you can do with a little more length:

The word limit (150-200) in my exams and I should not exceed it.

OK, sorry about that - is this for your school or for the Cambridge test? It seems odd to have such a short essay.

No , It is for my Cambridge test.