Please can you review any mistakes Isn't it awkward in English? Can you add your

Please can you review any mistakes Isn’t it awkward in English? Can you add your ideas?
Thanks a lot for your help
The future of education — books or computers?
What is your opinion? Are computers going to replace printed books in the future?
Write 200—250 words.
Use the following plan:
— make an introduction (state the problem)
— express your personal opinion and give reasons for it
— give arguments for the other point of view and explain why you don’t agree with it
— draw a conclusion
No doubt, computers became an integral part of people’s lives. Nowadays you are able to see computers always everywhere: in government offices, school, banks, and so on. According to the statistics about one hundred fifty million people use computers every minute. Moreover, the recent survey showed that almost ninety six per cent of people in Europe can’t even imagine their lives without computers. At the same time, physiologists clam that popularity of books are being replaced by e-books which are in fact computerized books.
If I were given choice between a book and computer I would give my preference to a computer. First of all, it is economical and environmentally- friendly. Secondly, one computer can contain almost one thousand book what is, admittedly, very convenient.Still, it has to be said that computers can’t be used if there is no electricity. However, new computers which can work on sun energy are being produced in large quantity.
In conclusion, I would like t underline that computers make our life much easier. Computers is an advantage in all aspects of our lives. Of course, people have different attitudes to computer technologies. Nevertheless, I strongly believe sooner or later books can been seen only in museums.

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Hi, I thought your essay was pretty good. What test is this for? I might be able to give you better feedback if I read the grading rubric. Still, I think your essay is very clear and has a well-organized structure. Your vocabulary is pretty good, but still has some room for improvement. You have a few awkward sounding sentences, but on the whole it sounds pretty natural.

Hi, Thaks for your help you are so nice pointing out on my mistakes.
I am preparing to IELTs and would like to pass TOEFL FCE and CAE
Thanks a lot
Best wishes

Hi, even though on the IELTS they say to write 200-250 words, all the websites I read think that shooting for 250-275 is your best bet.