Please amend this dialog

Hello everyone, can you please amend this dialog for me?

Mark: Hello how are you today?
Linda: I’m doing great. What about you?
Mark: I’m also honored because I’m working on a new project.
Linda: Really? Please tell me more!
Mark: Well last week I found a new customer, a Chinese company.
Linda: Oh, this is interesting indeed. How did you come across it?
Mark: I was looking for a new glass suppliers on the Internet and found this company which wanted to buy 300 refrigerators.
Linda: I do not understand the language in which you communicate with each other?
Mark: Now that I no speak Chinese most of the time we exchange e-mails in English and sometimes we speak English by phone or skype.
Linda: Can you please tell me the name of the company?
Mark: I’m not afraid.
Linda: Do you mind telling me why?
Mark: This company is a strategically important partner and the time of the name is still a trade secret.

Mark: I’m afraid not. ( = I am afraid that I canNOT tell you.)


“I’m not afraid” = It does not scare me.