Pleasant viewing

Hello everyone.
Can i say
1)“Pleasant watching!”
2)“Pleasant viewing!”

… when i want the audience to enjoy the movie/video/etc.?

Is it correct?
Or what else can i say in this situation?

(I don’t want to say “enjoy the movie”)


No, it’s not correct. If you want the audience to enjoy the movie, you could say “let’s have a good time in watching the movie!” But, why not just say “let’s enjoy the movie”?

Yes, ‘Pleasant viewing’ is a common phrase, Trueman. On the other hand, ‘let’s have a good time in watching the movie’ is not a native expression.

I feel it ll be right if we say “Enjoy Viewing”. Depending on context we may go for"Relish the movie" “savour the movie”…


So, can I or can’t say “Pleasant viewing!” (and nothing more) ??

And what is the typical, traditional short english phrase used in this situation (except “enjoy the…!”)?

I’d go with Mr. Micawber, he is the native speaker.

Yes, Mister Micawber is a native speaker with profound knowledge (of English) and great expertise.


That, too, but I didn’t want to needle James, hehe.

You can express this is many ways. Here are a few ways you can say it.

“enjoy the movie”
“have fun at the movies”…as in enjoy the movie and have fun while doing it

You would hardly hear a native speaker say “pleasant viewing” although it’s grammatically correct. It’s just uncommon for a native speaker to say it.