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[color=blue]Do you agree or disagree with the following statement. Parents should allow their children to make mistakes and let them learn from their own mistakes.

As we all know, children are the future of all countries in the world. Therefore, parenting is an important job for parents. However, do all parents know the best way to develop their children or not? There is an argument as to know whether letting children learn from the mistake they made is good or not. I totally agree with this statement for many reasons. Making mistakes is natural. In our life, from a little kid to a matured person, we certainly have made mistakes several times. Besides, gaining experience from the mistake is the best way to grow up, not only with a child, but also with adults.

Obviously, human beings are not perfect. As a normal person, making mistake is natural. Remember the time when we are just students, how many time did we complete an exercise wrong, how many time did we break a chair, or a glass? The number of times may not be small. Take my experience as an example. When I was eight, I was asked to join the talented class for elementary students. I was not the best student in class though, I chose to take this chance and attend the class. In my imagination that day, it must be a class for those who are talented, and by joining the class, all mistakes in mathematics exercises will be fixed, and we are not going to make mistake anymore. Nevertheless, the exercise was really difficult, and I made mistakes nearly all the time. Moreover, even adults make mistakes. Adults do not succeed all the time, don’t they? So, why children must be forbidden from making mistakes?

Second, by making mistakes, children have opportunities to learn from the mistakes they made. Everyone knows that failure leads to success. It is not the matter of success, it also about the exertion. Children can also know that they should try their best in all the problems to make a success. Besides, by learning from the mistakes themselves, children will be more matured. They will understand the way to fix the problem by their own hands; also, they will know to accept the situation. The next time children meet the problem, they are not going to make the same mistake again because they already know how bad it is, and the way to make it right.

In conclusion, I think letting children making mistakes and learn from them is a good way for parents to grow up their children. Sooner or later, as a human being, children will make mistakes. However, if they do not make any mistakes when they were young, they will when they grow up, and at that time, they may not have any experience to face the mistakes they make.

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