Playing games?

[color=red][size=200]Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Playing games teaches us about our life?[/size]

The world changes very fast and there are new kinds of computer games every day. Although many people prefer to play games, I firmly against this opinion. It seems clear to me that playing game causes more harm than good. Games can help us relax, but when considering more seriously, we can see that playing game too much is wasting times and have bad effect on our manners.

Firstly, playing games is time-consuming. Many people who lose their job or could not study well because of spending all day playing games. Take my friend experience for example. He was an excellent student in a university. After started playing games, he was getting worse results day by day. Instead of playing games, we can pay more attention to our studying and occupation or reading books in order to know more about our world. By doing these things, we can improve my knowledge and applying new skills easily.

Above all, the reason that I cast into doubt the statement that playing games teaches us about life is that games can destroy our good personality. According to a research of an U.S university, there are 7.652 out of 10.000 people who play games behave badly. Each year, the increase number of youth criminals is on a line with the number of new violent games. Others who do not play games, will have more time and chances to communicate with others persons to build up their social and communicative skills.

In general, we all know playing games is not good for all of people. With all of reasons mentioned above, I hold a firm belief that we better spend our time to learn about our human life than spending times playing games.

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