Playing games teaches us about life

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Playing games teaches us about life. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

The populace of different countries regardless of their ages need to relax. Games which are played either in the form of a group or individually are known as the most familiar way to have a fun time. There is no doubt that people’s characteristics influence the way they play and the way they behave as players against their own opponents and with their teammates. Some anthropologists believe that games can be regarded as a way to learn some useful lessons from the failures and the wins that have been achieved in a game to live more comfortably. In my perspective, this assumption is perfectly correct since playing games undeniably is one of major activities we do during lifetime.

First and foremost, people who participate in a game as players have relationship with each other. The way they behave with their teammates could influence the results which will be achieved. The more loyalty and friendly relationships that are held among teammates, the more possibility that they can be the winners of the game. Therefore, they will inadvertently understand that their championships and commendations of their wins are the result of their good relations with together and their works which have been done as a team.

Besides, people in their real live need to be strong enough on facing with tough situations. They should be able to handle these situations by taking the best decisions. Games are easily comparable with the real life in this issue. Take, for instance, if you were a captain of a soccer team, you would be supposed to manage your teammates. If you were stronger than the rivals you would not have any problem with it. In contrast, if you were remarkably weaker than the opponent, your decisions, your behavior with your teammates, your courage, to name but a few would highly influential on the match result. This kinds of experiences could be regarded as the best lessons for the real life. In a word, those who are better captains in their teams are also better manager in their live and their works.

Taking all of the mentioned aspects of games into account, the game environment that is used to play a game is as same as a limited world which is used for living by us. Moreover, playing games and spending time on playing a game is part of our live. Furthermore, we are experiencing new and unprecedented things in our lives as those would happen in the games for us as game players. Although a failure in a game could not be harmful for us, it will teach us how to not only forget our failures but to elicit a lesson.

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Hi Alirrrr, I enjoyed reading your essay. You addressed the topic well and your essay is well organized. I thought your first body paragraph did a good job of supporting your thesis, but your second one could have been better, as I suggest below. Most of your writing was pretty clear, although you did have a few somewhat confusing sentences and some awkward phrases. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.