place of adverbials

I have to put the adverbials in the correct place:
my car/breaks down
(without any warning;annoyingly;often)
I tried this order:‘Without any warning, my car often breaks down annoyingly’.
but a student of mine came up with this :‘Annoyingly,my car often breaks down without any warning’.
Which is the best solution anyway? Who can help me?

Thank you!

The best solution would be not to have to use all those anyway and to simply say:
My car breaks down suddenly.

However, given the nature of the exercise I’d say you ought to be very proud of that student!

Hello Beeesneees!
Thank you for your words!
Anyway ,I would like to know if I am wrong with the order of adverbials or if both solutions are correct.

Hi Antonella,
There is some flexibility in the rules regarding the order of adverbials. I’m sure you’re aware of the ‘manner / place / frequency / time / purpose’ order, but there are other principles which should be considered:
Shorter phrases generally come before longer ones, regardless of content.
Where phrases are of a similar type the more specific adverbial phrase comes first.
You can bring an adverbial modifier to the beginning of the sentence in order to give it additional emphasis.

I’m afraid that your solution doesn’t sound as natural as that of your student.