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Confirmity almost always leads to a deadening of induvidual creativity and energy
The paraphrases, “Nothing Is ideal” and “there Is no single answer to any question”, are apt and support my inclination that conformity at each stage of a work will hamper the progress. Conformity is a tool for precision and accurate result. Even then it has to be followed at correct junctures for an augmented growth.
Creativity which is flow of ideas will happen only in a placid and a calm mind. Seeking proof at the origin point is like building a dam across the course of the river. As said earlier there is no single answer to a question. Getting plethora of ideas is more important than conformity at this juncture. Once ideas are formed, further working on each idea will provide the best solution. Now-a-days most of the companies agree with this fact that they provide fullest freedom to young minds for research and development and thus achieve great progress.
Another important aspect which governs the modern world is time. Anything has to be done in a stipulated amount of time. Improper management of time will lead to heavy losses. Conformity means more and more stringent standards. More and more standard means a delayed process which will affect the whole system adversely. This is vivid right from a school exam to an industry project. a student can check for the correctness of his answers only after completing the entire paper. Instead if he goes for a check after writing each and every answer he cannot finish answering the paper.
Everything has both advantages and drawbacks. There are prominent advantages of conformity which are shrouded by the drawbacks. Conformity means safe and precise doing of a particular work. This will ultimately mitigate the necessity for rework and time needed for rework. Going back to the same example of research and development, if there is flaw in design stage which is left unnoticed, it will lead to a huge loss of money and time.
Hence for an augmented effect making all the negative aspects in to positive ones will supplement the level of success. Conformity and the level of strictness should be applied at correct junctures considering the aspects like time management, level of creativity needed in each stage and so.

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