pissed up

“half ten and already ive got pissed up chav muppets wanting to fight the world . How exciting”

hey! I dont get what the above mentioned sentence means, what does ’ to get pissed up" mean? I assume it means to make someone angry or something like that.

I know it as to be pissed off, furthermore even I don’t get the meaning of the following nouns: chav and muppets, I can’t find them in the dictionary!

Any reply will be welcome

take it easy :wink:

The writer is conveying his frustration that even though it is only 10:30 he is surrounded by drunken louts who are in aggressive frames of mind and will argue and start fights with anyone who will listen (typically, other drunken louts!).

This is very informal modern British slang language, TIE. I imagine it being said by a bar worker, nightclub bouncer or similar.

pissed up - very drunk
chav - A term for a stereotypical group of people. A “chav” (known also as a ‘charver’ in some parts of Britain) is an aggressive older teenager or person in their 20s, typically unemployed or of white working class background, who repeatedly engages in anti-social behaviour.
muppet - Derived from ‘The Muppets’ - a group of puppet characters created by Jim Henson. This term has become slang for an ignorant person with no common sense or logic. Sometimes (with those close to you) it is used in an endearing way, (You daft muppet!) but usually it would be taken as an insult.

By the way, the speaker/writer doesn’t find it at all exciting - he’s being sarcastic.

thank you for the exhaustive or detailed reply :slight_smile: I have read many times it as it contains a loads of new words, so on the other hand my vocabulary has extremely enriched, thanks to your reply!

Sorry for making extra work for you, Tie.

Maybe I should have just paraphrased as:
"It’s only 10:30 and already there are very drunk, angry, ignorant people trying to start a violent argument with anyone.

you got me wrong, I was really glad as I knew lots of new words. I checked them out diligently.


Note that most Americans would not understand “pissed up” as meaning drunk. In most American expressions with the word, “pissed” means angry, not drunk.

ok, thanks!