pie chart: the reasons for leaving or staying in the UK

The pie chart shows below show reasons why people left the UK to other countries and why people stayed in the UK.

A glance at two pie charts reveals a variety of reasons for people left or stayed in the UK.

From the first graph we can see that the major reason for UK residents leaving their country is joining family or friends (39%). Weather is in the second place as to leaving reasons (24%), other factors are listed in decreasing order as follows: employment, financial reasons and life quality, with 18%, 10% and 9% respectively. It is worth mentioning that more than half residents leave the UK due to the reasons of joining family or friends and weather

The second pie chart depicts some similar reasons with the first graph to stay in the UK. 34% people stay in the UK because of joining family or friends. But comparing with first chart, there is a big difference on second main reason is language not weather, which accounts for 25%. The reason for life quality ranks last, merely 5%. Employment and financial reasons as other two factors represent similar proportions, with 19% and 17% respectively.

Overall, no matter residents left the UK or stayed in the UK, the most important reason is joining family or friends while the last reason is life quality

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Hi Candy, I think this is an improvement from your last report. You communicated the information clearly, but you did have some odd sounding sentences and other small errors. Overall, I would rate this a band 6.