Phrase "the meek rarely inherit the earth"

Internet companies were still falling by the wayside as their owners discovered that the meek rarely inherit the earth.
I Can not quite understand the meaning of this Sentence.Who Can help me ?

Good morning Ksguo. There were so many companies starting-up on the Internet at one time, that only the stronger ones were able to survive the stampede.The ones without the proper resources to survive, quickly went under.


Oh,I see.Thank you very much,Kitosdad!

In the Book of Psalms, in the Jewish books of the Bible, there is a statement that, “The meek shall inherit the earth,” meaning that people who are humble and respect God will come to dominate over those who are arrogant and have no respect for God.

This line from the Bible is used very commonly in English as a proverb, and the writer of the sentence you have given us is using the proverb in an ironic manner.

Your explanation makes the sentence easier to understand.Thank you,Jamie!