Phrase "sorry for the short notice..."


any better phrase to express ‘notice sb. without sufficient time’.

‘sorry for the short notice’

I don’t know what you mean about “notice somebody without sufficient time.” I think you may mean to notify them, not to notice them.

A more informal way: Sorry for not giving you a better/longer heads-up

maybe you want to mean at short notice. Here i have an example i quote: " Unfortunately, I might have to leave for Boston at short notice". Good luck!!!

“Sorry for leaving it so late.”

Hi MrPedantic, your phrase doesn’t make sense for me and it is pretty clear that the person wanted to mean " notice somebody without enough time". Could be more specific with your phrase???. Silvina.


Hi Hutopire,

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Hello Silvina,

I meant “Sorry for leaving it so late (before letting you know).”

In the context of “short notice”, it might serve.

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