Phrase: propped on her elbow'


I have had a few questions about the following passage to ask of you.

  1. Does ‘his backward eye’ suggest he didn’t turn around but saw by, say, a kind of backward angle with his eyes because of ‘backward eye’ but not ‘backward eyes’?

  2. If ‘1’ is true, does ‘turning’ suggest ‘turning around to his wife’?

  3. Does ‘propped on her elbow’ suggest 'her chin rested in her hands propped on her elbow?

Thank you!


Hi Haihao

  1. Yes, that sounds about right. It suggests to me that his back was not turned directly toward her, so he was able to catch a glimpse of her from the eye on the side that was closer to facing her.

  2. Yes

  3. It suggests that she was lying down and her head was being held up something like this.

Hi Amy,

Thank you so much! I am so satisfied with so elaborate an explanation and the picture, which tell me everything I wanted to get through but again ‘close but no cigar’. :slight_smile: