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I greet you all with the islamic greetings: May the peace, blessings and mercy of Almighty God be upon all of you. I am new here, and I am very glad that i found such good site like this. I am very interested in benfiting from the knowledge and experience of the members of this site as i am perparing myself to take CELTA. So pls all the good friends who have done it or planning to do it, and they do have material that can help me preparing for the CELTA course, pls share with me. and i thank you all in advance

assalamu alykum

Welcome to U this worthwhile site…
it’s hope that you’ll achieve ur goals…

Thank you very much for your assistance, we hope our work meets your confidence

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assalymu alykum, hope i got that right. what is celta

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[color=darkblue]Hi friends
that is very interested subject to talck about,
everyone all over the world is looking for the peace and asking for more from opened mind to explain new idea without any restriction

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