Phrase: Never begin 'Dear Friend' You should address your friends by their names

Hello Everybody,
L.G.Alexander ,in his book “Essay and Letter Writing " page 42 ,The Personal Letter
Instructions , number 2, The Salutation ,
says ,” 'Never begin 'Dear Friِend ’ You should address your friends by their names."
Could anybody explain why?
Thanks in advance

Muin, I’m sure the author means their christian names. This shows friendliness rather than formality.

Thank you Kitosdad,
But is it allowed to use "Dear Friend " in letter-writing?

Of course it is allowed, but why do so when you know the persons name?

Starting your letter,“Dear Friend” sounds like one of those, “I want to give you a quarter of a million pounds, in exchange for using your bank details” letters.


yeah you are right . It sounds like sending a message in a bottle to anyone who can help.
Another question :
Is this version acceptable: “Dear Friend Sami,”?

Yes, of course it is. All informal correspondence with friend in the greeting is perfectly acceptable, bur I fail to see your obsession in using it.

Far better to use it in your closing;

Your friend Bill.

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Oh, thank you so much. Just what I need, $2,000 a day.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Please send me full details today.


Dear Colleague,
For my being a teacher of English I am asked to explain it. You know learners of English take things seriously . I mean they want to know every thing .
Anyway, thanks a lot , you “Englishman living in Gaza” !!

“Englishman living in Gaza” ???

Don’t you like "living in Gaza "?

I really do prefer Germany, that’s why I live here.