Phrase: all-fired sure of oneself :-)


Could you comment the use of He is all-fired sure of himself?
(grammar, tone, contexts, examples of your personal use of all-fired, whatever)

By the way, in this forum all-fired has never been used (if the search machine works fine this Valentine’s morning.)
This (MY!!!) use is the (pioneerily) first. :slight_smile: [size=75]…all-fired proud[/size] :slight_smile:

I’ve looked this up in several dictionaries, and none of them give an etymology. It could be a reference to hell, but I always thought of it as having guns a-blazin’.

Hi Tamara and Jamie(K),

If my memory doesn’t fail me, I met this phrase in one text. As far as I remember, it had the sense of ‘damned’. :slight_smile:


A dictionary is willing to go to bat for Jamie:


Hi all,

One of my dictionaries gave as a close-by-meaning intensifier the funny (AmE) slang helluva/hellova
which looks so Russian. :slight_smile: Both by spelling and the meaning. ‘чёртов’, ‘чёртова’, I mean. (It’s a helluva job)

Yes, lots of examples.
But not only. It can be used ‘in itself’. Have a look at this:
And now you want to work on the exhibition you were so all-fired about, I was so inspired by, same deal, huh? (BNC)