Phrasal verbs exercise

Choose the phrasal verb that best completes each sentence below. Sometimes you will need to add an object. Be careful with the tense.
get along come over give up turn on
go over fill out pick out wash up
point out use up help out call up
put off find out look up take off
run out talk over hand in look out

  1. You can’t wear your shoes in the house. Please ________ __________ ________ before you come in.
  2. While he was talking on his cell phone, the battery __________ __________.
  3. To prepare for the quiz you should __________ __________ Units 3 and 4.
  4. The teacher was sick yesterday so the quiz was __________ __________ until next week.
  5. The teacher asked us to _________ our homework __________on Wednesday.
  6. The teacher had to _______ ________ the best picture in the student photography contest.
  7. The parents asked their children to __________ __________before dinner.
  8. My two brothers are best friends. They __________ __________very well.
  9. My friend wrote the TOEFL 6 times and he didn’t get the score he needed. Finally, he __________ __________.
  10. My friend __________ __________ last night to help me with my homework.
  11. My father shouted, “ __________ __________”, because I was just about to walk into a tree.
  12. When you apply for a new credit card, you need to __________ __________ an application form.
  13. If you don’t know the meaning of a word you should __________ it __________in the dictionary.
  14. I am looking at the map, but I can’t seem to find the new shopping center. Could you please _________ __________ __________ to me?
  15. I am going to move to a new apartment on the weekend. Could you _________ me ________?
  16. Every morning I __________ __________ the radio and listen to the news.
  17. Do you have John’s phone number? I need to __________ him _________.
  18. Who __________ __________ all the paper towels? I just bought a new package last week.
  19. A. Can you come with us to Victoria this weekend?
    B. I don’t know yet. I have to __________ __________ __________ with my husband.
  20. A. When do the tickets for the concert go on sale?
    B. I am not sure, but when I __________ __________ I will let you know.


Here is the full link for the exercises that starwar1402 has copied and pasted above: … erbs1.html


Why did you copy and post these exercises here? Do you have questions about them? Are you planning to answer questions from other forum members about the sentences?

What’s your intention? Why not just post the link?

Yakee always criticize me. Why.All my posts you don’t like. Why???. This link no one know, so i paste them for mems in forum to read or consult


Copying someone else’s work and then posting it online creates several problems:

  1. The work might be copyright (as is the case with the UBC material) and that could cause very big problems for this forum.
  2. Posting other people’s work without saying whose work it is may be seen as plagiarism.
  3. Some of what you’ve posted contains many, many errors and is incorrect English. It is not appropriate to post such things in this forum as exercises for learning English. It was clear from your first two posts that you are not able to judge whether the exercises are good or not.

If you think you’ve found a website with good English exercises (such as UBC), it is better to post a link.