Phrasal verb: Make Out

Hey folks…
I just wonder if you can explain the meaning of this phrasal verb (make out). 'Cause as far as I know it may mean to succeed or to deal with a dificult situation. Anyways, I’ve heard some people using it under a sexual connotaion. So, my question is: How do you use it? and Is it separable? (i.e., I made her out)

I think that for english native speakers this will be a piece of cake. Thanks…

See ya!

Make out in that “sexual” sense (let’s call it a “romantic” sense instead) basically means that people are kissing and fondling each other. They’re not all the way to sex yet.

It’s used inseparably. Joe makes out with Mary. Mary and Joe make out. If they can’t make out at home, they go to some make-out spot, like a deserted place in the country, a beach, a drive-in movie theater, etc.

In North America, this romantic sense of the word make out is much, much more common that the meaning of succeeding.

In many situations the word parking is also used to mean making out.

One piece of advice,Serzige.

Try not to use anyways. Use anyway instead.


Ok I will…But tell me, what’s wrong with “anyways”? Is it too informal?

Hi Serzige

Yes, it’s informal and is also “nonstandard”.

I’d also say that it’s not used informally by all native speakers, only by some.