Phrasal verb "keep on"

Good afternoon everybody,
how are You?
A really unimportant question keep on crossing my mind back, and fort, so I’d better ask it, before my head blows,
and I stop looking handsome:
Is that proper if I say:
“You can keep on staying!”
It’s because I’m a recepcionist, and that was I sad to a guest when I let her know that she could stay after she was supposed to leave the hotel.
I know i could have sad that she could stay,and shot my mouth at the very second, making end of the sentence, but I did not, so now I just like to know if I overcomplicated my life or not at all.
Thanks for co-operation, and being so helpful,

Hi Spencer,

I shouldn’t worry that you have said something wrong. Keep on has the idea of continuing but very often in a persistent way as in: She failed her examination three times but she’s going to keep on trying. Again you can say: When I type the word someone, I keep on making a mistake and get the letters o and e the wrong way round.

In the case of the hotel guest, you could simply say: You can stay on another day/week or whatever. You could for example be on holiday and you like the hotel so much you decide to stay on another two nights.

Just some thoughts


Thanks Alan, You were fast, I didn’t even expect any answer by now, so I have to think up a new question, if I’d like to write in this forum again.
Anyway, I’m just joking, this is the reason why this forum is the best.