Photos or photoes?

Dear friends,

which is correct in spelling; “photos” or “photoes” ?
Please give me a rule to follows with words ending in “o” in your answer.

Thank you.

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All plurals end in “s” , " es" or “ies”. You have to learn them unfortunately.

Photo’s by the way, is a shortened version of Photographs. That’s why the ’ is included.


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Hello Si2007,

First the bad news:
There isn’t an absolute rule for making the plural form of a noun that ends with the letter “o”.

Now for the good news:
There aren’t too many commonly used nouns that end with the letter “o”. Here is a list of some of the most common ones, along with their accepted plural forms. In some cases, more than one plural spelling is possible:

cargo → cargoes OR cargos
condo → condos
duo → duos
kilo → kilos
mulatto → mulattoes OR mulattos
palomino → palominos
potato → potatoes
tomato → tomatoes
zoo → zoos

Both British and American dictionaries will tell you that the plural form of the word photo is photos.

You can find the plural forms of words like this in any good dictionary.
Here is a good website for you:

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Many thanks my dear friends.
Also special thanks to Esl_Expert … that was so helpful.

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