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The right description of the photo is (A). It is definitely the answer. However, I think (C) could be an answer, too.

(A) There are several seats in the room.
(B) The sofa is facing the television.
(C) Two chairs are next to the couch.

Does “next to” strongly suggest proximity in a line or row? If so, (C) could not be an answer. I’m not sure. I could say “next to” if something is near to me.
If (C) is not an answer, how could you change it? Just Two chairs are near the couch? Please let me know.

Thank you in advance,

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‘Next to’ indicates a closer proximity than ‘near to’.

The chair in the foreground is near the couch. It’s not next to it, as there’s something between them.
Looking at the photograph, it is difficult to tell whether the chair near the window is also near the couch. The perspective is not clear, but to me, it looks as if there’s quite a gap between the two.

Two chairs are in the same room as the couch.

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Thank you for your attention, Beeesneees!

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You probably mean ‘next to’ is indicates a closer proximity than ‘near’ (with ‘to’).

I sort of agree with both Sweetpumpkin and Beeesneees.

The photo was taken with a wide angle lens and is distorted. When I zoom in it looks like both chairs might be the same distance from the couch. The coffee table is not really between them. It is similar to a square dining table with chairs at each of the four sides. Each chair would have chairs “next to” it on the right and left.

Although I agree that if there is something between two things, they are generally not considered to be next to each other.

Also consider the seating at a theater. The seats to the right and left of you in the same row would be “next to” you. However the seat directly in front or behind you would not be “next to” you, even though they are a similar distance with nothing in between.