Personal profile: My name is Julia Fekete and I'm from Romania. I'm almost 24.

My name is Julia Fekete and I’m from Romania.
I’m not married.
I’m almost 24, I’ll have my birthday in September.
I finished the Informatics university in 2007 and i have intermediate English language exam from 2007 too.
I like your course because it helps me a lot to put my ideas in order and to learn better which is beginner and from where starts the intermediate level.

Hello Julia. We’re glad you are enjoying the course. Please feel free to ask any questions you like in our forums…

Except my age…
And my marital status…

Hy Mister Micawber!

I’ll never ask you your marital status or your age because it doesn’t matter, it is not relevant if I think of our role here on this forum : helping each other in our studies.

I’ll surely have lots of questions because I started seriously to study English.
I fell safe if I know that I’ll support to my problems.