people visit museums when they travel to new places.why?Use reasons and examples

Were I to choose a place to visit, museum will be my first choice. Museums are very interesting places to visit in any country, not only does museum gives us an opportunity to explore the country’s culture and habits , but also it provides an abundant source for many scientific researches.
Museum are the small time machine that take me back to the country’s past to explore the culture and the people’s customs.
People always tend to visit museums as the first destination in any itinerary, in order to figure out the nature of country’s people who I will deal with. For example, when I traveled to Rome, Italy, April 15, 2010, I tended to visit the Panthaneon Temple, as a landmark in Rome. No sooner had I accessed to inner space of the temple, than I felt the essence of Italian people, The Italians love science, architecture and art in general. furthermore, the habits of the people are implicitly mentioned by the kind architectural remnants and the how much the people care for their monuments . In other meaning, the kind of remnants and monuments are a true indicator of the area of interest .According to my last visit to Rome, I visited the major scenery there, which were the Great Colossuam, and pnthanoen Temple. The Colossuam is a great oval shape theater erected to practicing the Olympic games, certainly, this gives us an clear indicator that those people cherish the enterainments,and they are innovative at enjoying themselves by practicing games. While when I visited Panthanon temple, instantly, I felt that Italian people paid a great attention to science exploration, this is why they built that great Temple to just simulate one scientific experiment of physics-scientist Copernucus.
Museums also are a great source of information in several scientific disciplines. Moreover, museum posits many of researches in history, biology or anthropology .For instance, many of very rare scrolls of original bible script are still safely hidden in the Vatican library in Rome. There are a fossils of the early primitive human whose age back to 3000 B.C, are located in Vatican Science Library.
Moreover,Museums are a common choice to visit between young and old people at any journey.
To sum up, I believe that museum is the first destination for everyone who visits anew country as it a source of exploring the country’s culture and habits. Moreover, museums play a great role in supporting great researches with information in many scientific disciplines like anthropology, fossils, and religions,

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Hi Eisherif, I thought your essay was pretty good, but I don’t think your extended example really contributed to your thesis - see my comment about this below. You also seemed to be running out of time, as you squeezed about three different ideas into that final body paragraph. Your writing quality was pretty good, though you did have some odd and confusing phrases here and there. Overall, I would rate this a 3.5 out of 5.