People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment

Do you agree or disagree with the following statement?
People today spend too much time on personal enjoyment-doing things they like to do-rather than doing things they should do.
Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer.

There has been a heated debate concerning the issue that people today spend a large proportion of there time on self-enjoyment. In fact, there is a growing consensus that this is an inevitable outcome of current technological breakthroughs. Therefore, people can do a same takes with a smaller amount of time. As a result, spending increasing amount of time for self-enjoyment is acceptable. However, there is a solid body of opinion that casts down heavily on these beliefs. In my opinion, I concur with the later for two primary reasons.
First of all, the soaring sales of modern and high-tech devices proves that people spend too much time on self-entertainment. As a matter of fact, smart phones and tablets today are primarily designed for the sole purpose of entertainment. Additionally, smart phones those day features the abundancy of game applications on its stores. Therefore, the incontrovertibly increasing sales of these accessories proves that people invest a huge amount of time on personal enjoyment. The Iphone and its Appstores are epitome of this argument. According to the current ranking of the most popular and highly-recommended applications on Appstores, four out of the top ten are mobiles games. Additionally, the other two are Instagram and Camera 360, which primarily serves there purposes as an application for sharing and modifying images. The act of sharing images cannot be considered as a things that we should spend a large amount of our time in every day.
Secondly, our economy is stagnating, which is characterized by a worldwide recession and the record of many bankruptcy cases all over the world. In fact, every actions that we take everyday result in the economy. Therefore, things that people should and must do can be defined as actions taken to the maximize the prosperity of the economy. In other words, we should do things that enables the economy to thrive. Therefore, the performance of the economy throughout the last decade is the sign that people nowadays no more invest there time and efforts in executing the task which they should do. As mentioned above, a convincing explanation for this catastrophic picture of the economy at this moment is the abundant amount of time people spend on self-entertainment. The rate of students taking their education still remains a supreme example of the argument set forth therein. According to many papers of research, the rate of teenagers deciding to take a university course declines over year. Beside, the rate of juvenile crimes and criminals seemingly boosts at an alarming rate. In fact, juvenile crimes usually result from the inadequacy of fulfillment for self enjoyment of teenager.
Some people may argue that we can spend more amount of time in self enjoyment than the last generation did thanks to the development of technology. However, the development of the society always accompanies with the increasing pressure on the society. To put it simple, in order to develop, the should-do things list gets longer not shorter. According to current statistics, the amount of time women spend on housework has dramatically declined. However, it has recorded a significant increase in the amount of time women spent for there career, from an average of four hours a day to seven hours a day.
To sum up briefly, taking into account the increasing sales of self-entertainment devices and the stagnation of the economy, I would argue that people today are spending huge amount of time on self enjoyment.

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There is a well known quote called “Time is money” and everyone admits that nothing is more precious than time in our life. Although, some people believe that nowadays people are not utilizing their time wisely, rather wasting on mere enjoyment, however, I think that in recent days, people have become more serious about their life. I firmly believe this way because of a number of reasons and I will develop these ideas in the subsequent paragraphs.

To begin with, in today’s world, the job market has been highly competitive and consequently, that has changed the way people used to spend earlier days. Everyone has become very focused about their career and always strives to achieve their best no matter in which field they are in. Technological advancement has provided various platforms to learn new things which has accelerated the pace of human beings. I have to admit that my opinion on this matter is profoundly influenced by my own personal experience. You see, just after my graduation, I got an offer from a product based company with INR 17 lpa annual income and as a fresher, in my country it’s quite a good amount. But I never forgot my desire to pursue higher studies. During my tenure in that company, I constantly studied for the entrance exams in parallel and as a result, I couldn’t get enough time for enjoyment. For this reason, I believe that If I had never pushed myself to achieve more, I would have settled in that monotonous job.

Secondly, I think apart from their daily job, people are more inclined to continue with their hobby over the weekends. Moreover, they are doing it very gracefully and with high dedication. Nowadays, it is very often that a software developer plays flutes, guitar even sings at concerts over the weekend and makes money out of that. Drawing from my personal experience, my father was a professor of business management in a very reputed university, in spite of that he managed his time to look after our family business along with my grandfather over the weekend. Furthermore, currently people always try to open up a secondary way of earning. Hence, it is certainly clear that now people are spending their precious time very carefully, instead of wasting just for personal enjoyment.

In light of the above mentioned passages, I strongly believe that human beings have now become more careful about their life.

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