people think that friends are the most important influence in young adults

Some people think that family is the most important influence on young adults. Other people think that friends are the most important influence in young adults. Which view do you agree with? Use examples to support your position.

As a social being, we are always surrounded by friends and families. We are born and grow up among these people, so they are very close to us. Some people believe that friends are the most influence in young people. However, I believe that family members are the one who play the significant role in young people’s lives. I feel this way because parents and relatives teach us rules of a society, they inspire us to succeed in our goals, and love us unconditionally.

To begin with, our family always has a great impact on us to shape our future lives. Our parents always give us information about the rules and behaviors that is accepted in our community. This way we learn to behave in certain ways, and know the difference between good manners and mischief. Furthermore, relatives and parents teach us about the customs of our community. For example, in Asian culture, we are taught to worship our elders as a God from our childhood. Thus, parents help us to know about the tradition and cultures that are necessary to live in a society.

In addition, parents are a role model for many children. Children always want to walk on their foot-prints. For example, my father is a doctor, so I always wanted to be like him. I studied hard to be in his profession, and finally I can be a doctor. Moreover, when we are chasing our goals, our parents play important role to push our selves. They encourage and guide us to be successful in our lives. Thus, parents play instrumental role in children’s lives.

Last but not least, children can always trust their parents. Our parents, brothers and sisters love us without any condition, and their love is not judgmental. Parents always love their children even though they are not very brilliant in study. They always care about their kids, no matter how they are. On the other hand, most of our friends want to be with us because of our new car or money. They may not be a friend with us forever.

To sum it up, I totally agree with the statement that family has the greatest influence on young adults because family members help us to mold our lives for our better future, inspire us to get success in our goals, and be with us forever.

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Hi, I think this one is very good. You do have a few errors, but your writing is clear and very convincing. Overall, I would rate this a 4.5 out of 5.

Thank you sir for your kind suggestions.